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Couples Therapy

Making the decision to attend couples therapy is a big step to improving your relationship. 

You and your partner deserve to be happy.

Helps improve common relationship challenges.

Many couples attend couples therapy to overcome challenges that create strain in a relationship. Some challenges that promote the need for couples therapy look like, but are not limited to, the following:   

  • Broken trust

  • Frequent arguments

  • Poor communication

  • Feeling stuck in bad patterns

  • Something feels wrong but unsure of why

  • Dysfunction during conflicts

  • Emotional intimacy issues

  • Physical intimacy greatly diminished

  • Life changing event created disconnection

  • Information needing to be shared with partner but unable to do so


Our goal is to provide therapy in a safe and comfortable environment to allow couples the opportunity to be vulnerable while expressing unmet needs and difficult emotions with each other.

  • Implement healthy communication among each other

  • Explore alternative interactions to promote a loving relationship that is connected and positive


Types of Couples Therapy

Our couples therapists utilize various treatment modalities to fit the couple's needs. The use of Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) provides couples with the ability to become aware of underlying emotions that impact the relationship. Another therapy modality used is Gottman's use of analyzing relationships in regards to friendships and how conflict can be addressed in positive manners.


Therapy in its entirety

Additional services, such as individual or family therapy, can be provided along with couples therapy to manage additional struggles that may be present. 

Let's Work Together

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