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Family Therapy

Unproductive family dynamics create negative interactions resulting in strained relationships among family members.

Whether or not a problem appears to be from one family member or within the family, family involvement in therapy is the key to success.

Helps manage many of life's challenges 

Marital and couples conflict, parent and child relationship issues, sibling rivalry, grief, children's behavioral problems, distress, frustration, anxiety or depression relating to life changes and aging of parents or grandparents, and the impact these challenges have on family members


Our goal is to strengthen your family as a whole

  • Diminish repeat negative cycles and patterns within family

  •  Provide support to help identify more in depth emotions

  • Allowing safe space to share feelings and thoughts to family members

  • Cycle restructuring and implementation of positive relationships to allow for a healthier family environment


Types of Family Therapy

Supportive Family Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Systemic Family Therapy


Helping your family entirely

Family therapy can be provided along with individual and couples therapy. Family members can see another therapist at Therapeutic Innovations for individual services as well as having a family therapist. 

Let's Work Together

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