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School Based Therapy

Therapeutic Innovations, PLLC partners with Vinton Shellsburg Community School District to provide mental health services to children, adolescents, and families. 

Social Emotional Learning

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Creates positive aspects for you and your children

  • Services provided at school allow for mental health services to be obtained while decreasing the amount of time youth are not in school. 

  • Youth in our school district may not have access to therapy and behavioral health due to transportation challenges.

  • Obtaining services while at school greatly minimizes challenges faced when collaborating parent and guardian work schedules with available therapy appointments at another location.

  • Allows for students to obtain therapy easily and return to their classroom right after their session

  • Provides services for our rural communities where services are not otherwise readily available.


Locations and Services

Therapists provide therapy to clients on an individual, group, or family depending upon each client's needs. Therapists are available at Tilford Elementary, Shellsburg Elementary, VS Middle School, VS High School, and Northport. Clients are not taken out of core classes to ensure academics are not disrupted.



Our therapists provide therapy from Teeny Tiny Vikes to seniors in high school. We are available to administration, staff, and educators for resources and therapy if needed. Our partnership with VSCSD focuses on social and emotional learning and implementing positivity.


From your guidance counselor's office to our office in your school 

Does your child need services? Each individual schools guidance counselors are able to refer a student for school based therapy services. The guidance counselor will touch base with parents/guardians prior to doing so to ensure you are open to these services. We will call you from there to get services started. School based therapy services allows for your child to still interact with their guidance counselor and obtain mental health therapy or behavioral health services. We work together to create positive results.

Let's Work Together

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