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How to Manage Changes and Transitions in Life

How do you currently deal with big changes in your life? School is fast approaching (ugh... I know! or maybe some parents are jumping for joy!) but either way it is coming. Implementing a structured environment and setting consistent guidelines can help make the transition from summertime to school time much easier. Ultimately transitions for not only children, but adults too, can be stressful. Here are some ideas for helping your children make the school transition in the most smooth way possible:

::: Set a bed time and follow it. Sleep is essential.

::: Have the talk about bullying (or any other school related worries)

::: Eat nutritious meals.

::: Get those doctors appointments scheduled for yearly check-ups

::: School supply shopping. Check with your school to see if they have a program tailored to your community for obtaining specific items.

::: Read each day.

::: Do one more fun summer activity as a family!

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