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Vinton-Shellsburg Community School-Based Therapy

As the summer moves along we feel it is extremely important to share the successes that we have seen while partnering with the Vinton-Shellsburg Community School District in the past academic school year! Therapeutic Innovations, PLLC was able to provide therapy and behavioral health services to more than 110 students and faculty within our school district alone. This number does not represent the total number of people reached as the positive work done by these individuals carries on to their family members and friends.

I want to take a moment to thank VS for your acceptance of us, being kind and welcoming, and your drive to help each student both emotionally and academically. We would not have been able to help this many people without your partnership! The majority of these referrals come from those

working within the Vinton Shellsburg system. I have worked in other schools and nothing compares to the Vinton-Shellsburg atmosphere!

Many of these students would not have had access to mental health and behavioral health services if they were unable to attend their sessions at school. We know that mental health stressors can be a barrier both socially and academically. When meeting with kids at school, we try our absolute hardest to avoid taking children out of core academic classes. We feel this could hinder their academic success. The opportunity to provide these services in the school district drastically cuts down the amount of time kids are taken out of the school building for appointments. Many students who leave for an appointment are less likely to return to school that day. Furthermore, school-based therapy helps parents and caregivers by minimizing transportation issues, allowing them to continue to work, and reducing scheduling conflicts.

One of the cool things is that we are able to provide these services to our clients over the summer! Treatment doesn't have to stop because school is out for the summer! Emily, Beth, Hilary, and I look forward to working alongside the Vinton-Shellsburg community during the upcoming 2022-2023 school year! Go Vikes!


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